Bea is an overly dramatic goldfish and now an evil demonic fish. Oscar also has a crush on her but she has no idea about it. It is revealed in The Cheerleading Tryouts that she is born a demon, after her mom had sex with ______ before getting married to Norman.


Bea's lifelong dream is to become a famous actress. She screams very often which is a reason why she is very overly dramatic. She doesn't like it when people don't let her do her act or when people don't say their lines. She is also portrayed as beings somewhat arrogant, always complementing herself, particually on her acting abilities, and has trouble taking critism, sometimes she will even claim to be able to do things, that she can't, such as scorpion riding.

She doesn't like Mr. Baldwin because of she thinks he's old and fat as revealed in The Cheerleading Tryouts and Busy Bea: Final Demonation.

She is also FameTeenagerWoman in Fish Titans in The Adventures of Fish Teen Heros

It's shown she always smells like Cherry Jasmine.

In the final Season 3 episode "The Big Woo", she graduated, but she didn't graduate in the later episodes after Season 3.

It is revealed in The Cheerleading Tryouts that Bea is a demonic goldfish who is planning to controll the entire universe and become "Bea The God!" while using Winnie's body.


Bea as a Fish Titan