Series PromoEdit

From the Charaters of Fish Hooks, Bea!

Bea: Deeldy Doo!

and Shellsea

Shellsea: Girl!

Together they make an Adult team for College.

Bea: Im So Excited Shellsea!

Past the Fish High School.

Bea's Bff hug.

Bea and Shellsea's College Daze,

Series Premire

Friday September 15 2015 9\8 Pm C on Disney Channel.

(It begins after "That's My Horse Movie" On disney.

Shellsea Slurps on Milkshake.

Theme SongEdit

From the High School Memeries 

College is a hard work

Now im with My Bff

IN MY ROW!!!!!!!!!!






We will Fight our Hate

Fight Our Hate



Bea hitting her Head at the desk,Bea throws out Papers,

Shellsea and Bea smile at eachother

Shellsea sits next to her

Bea's Wallpaper

Shellsea's Wallpaper

Bea and Shellsea swim to College and swim to take a tour.

Bea and Shellsea Logo

Episodes and Seasons.Edit

Original Series

Episode Date Season
Welcome to Freshwater College! None 0
Makeup Sleepover None 0
Welcome Oscar! None 0
Old Fish Teenagers None


Season One

Episode Date Episode Number Production Code Summary
Shellsea and Bea Nights. Sep-15-15 1 101a Shellsea and Bea are at the Same College.
Welcome Finberley! TBA 2 101b Finberley sees Bea and Shellsea, but hates Shellsea Now.
All you Need is Pool. TBA 3 102a Shellsea hosts an epic pool Party.
Happy Fishgiving! TBA 4 102b Fishgiving is in College
Bea Dies TBA 5 103a Bea has a few days to live, so Shellsea as to make Bea Alive.
Bald Fish Girl TBA 6 103b Shellsea is Bald.
Milo in the House! TBA 7 104a Milo is in the College
Brotherly Love TBA 8 104b Milo and everyone Welcome Oscar so Oscar and Milo do some Brotherly Love
Crusherly Inc. TBA 9 105a Shellsea discovers Bea and Oscar's Love.
Wig Fish TBA 10 105b Bea buys a Wig.
Slimy Fish TBA 11 106a Shellsea thinks Bea is sick, and Esmargot is in College
Albert Metal the Last TBA 12 106b Albert is in College, and She turned into Metal.
New Adult. TBA 13 107a Shellsea wants to be Treated like an Adult
Friendship Broken TBA 14 107b Shellsea and Bea Argue.
Fish it On! TBA 15 108a Theres a Battle between Girls and Boys.
The Happy Couple TBA 16 108b Oscar proposes to Bea, Meanwhile, Sunny, Piranica and Jocktopus are in the college
Nanny McFish Dweeb TBA 17 109a Shellsea pretends to be a nerd to get free milkshakes.
Mexico, Taxi Go! TBA 18 109b Andi is in college, meanwhile, Shellsea's little cousin, Karrie/Chloe visits.
The Past Marking Period TBA 19 110a The season finale ends with every student formerly in Freshwater High All appear.

Season two

Episode Date Episode Number Production Code Summary
The Milkshakes GO UP! TBA 1 201a Shellsea Bakes Milkshakes
Young Wedding Part 1 TBA 2 201b Oscar and Bea get ready to be married
Young Wedding Part 2 TBA 3 202a Aftermath of Oscar and Bea's wedding.
The Sorotity Maker TBA 4 202b Bea Joins a Sorotity
Is It Me or the Angel? TBA 5 203a Angela visits Oscar and Jumbo
The Jewel FIsh in the Crowd TBA 6 203b Shellsea Becomes the Campus Police.
Fishtah TBA 7 204a Fishtah the celebrity comes to the college to visit.
If it smells like Cherry Jamsime TBA 8 204b When Oscar and Bea go to a romantic park, A nice smell comes to Bea.
Humanized TBA 9 205a A Human Day at Freshwater College.
Krill Extermatior  TBA 10 205b Freshwater College is invaded by Krills and Bea Wants to extermat the Krill.
Fishteen TBA 11 206a Bea and Shellsea's favorite teen magazine is being removed.
YOU GOT MUGGED FISH! TBA 12 206b Jocktopus goes to jail.
When The Sun goes up and the Moon goes down TBA 13 207a Sunny's Twin sister Moony comes to visit.
Uhh. TBA 14 207b Oscar starts to Party and Milo starts to become dumb
Second Marking Period TBA 15 208a Its the season Finale


Bea as Chelsea Kane

Shellsea as Kari Waldred

Oscar as Justin Roiland

Milo as Kyle Massey

Finberley as Kimberley Mooney

Guest Stars

Chloe/Karrie as Lana del Rey

Moony as Tara Strong

Fishtah as Grey DeLisle

Campus Police as Shakira and Ross Lynch


  • It is produced by Disney Animation, Disney Original, Cupcakes and Tiaras Production, and Fox Production.
  • Shellsea doesn't like Her College Teacher, Mrs. Serrifish.
  • Bea and Shellsea have their own dorm room.


From 'The Jewel Fish in the crowd'

Shellsea: Heyyyy, I would like to be a campus officer!

Girl Campus Police: Why do you want to be one?

Shellsea: Gurlll, Don't Sass me, I scare people, so I might.

Girl Campus Police: ~Is Scared~ Ok, Fine, You are hired!!!!!


From Welcome Finberley!

Finberley: Hello everyone! Bea!!

(Finberley and Bea hug each other and Finberley takes a quick glance at Shellsea and acts like a betch)

Shellsea: Umm Finberley, aren't you forgeting about me?

Finberley: (In mad voice) Ohh, Hiiii Shellsea?

Shellsea: What's wrong with me?

(Finberley walks away and flips her hair In a mean and attractive way)

Ratings and ReviewsEdit

The review for BaSCD is better than Fish hooks and people say that it involves Adult Issues, College Advice and Adult Themes, So it just comes on at 12:30 p.m on Sundays.

The lowest watched episode was "Fish It On!". With 1.4 million watchers.

The highest watched episode was "The Young Wedding- Part 1 and 2". with 7.2 million watchers.


Series Created by Tabitha Jetterson (Me!) and Noah Z Jones

Produced By William Reiss and Maxwell Atoms

Directed By Lola Jetterson (My Sister!) and C.H Greenblatt

Early LaunchEdit

The first 4 original episodes were only 9 minutes long.

They were first made in March 13 2015.

It was named "Super Fun Freshwater Universty".

DVD ReleaseEdit

In January 12, 2017, It will release all of Season 1's episode + All of Fish Hooks Shorts.

In America, the DVD pack is also with a Gravity Falls episode by accident.