Robert "Bob" Clownfishberg is an overly dramatic clownfish. His best friends are Maya and Olivia. His other friends are Shelldon, Clamuel, Kabob, Finnlay and Esmarty. He is voiced by Bruce Willis and first appeared in Fish Switch.


Bob's lifelong dream is to become a handsome actor and superstar. He is often overly dramatic. He doesn't like it when people don't let him do his act or when people don't say their lines

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bob is a clownfish with a orange, black and white, orange fins with black tips and flippers. He has freckles and short orange hair with a pepperoni pizza slice on his hat.

Background InformationEdit

  • Bob can't drink strawberry milk because his parents think it's too wild for him.
  • He has a liking for rock stars and daredevils.
  • Bob is afraid of dachshunds.
  • He hates dogs. Mr. Lips would hate Bob if he knew he was a dog hater.
  • He doesn't learn that winning isn't everything.


Bob is voiced by Bruce Willis, also voiced Spike from Rugrats Go Wild and RJ from the DreamWorks computer animated film, Over the Hedge.