Chauncey is a twin brother of Claudio, the brother of Opal Peterson, son of Dorothy Peterson, nephew of Uncle Figaro, and a good friend of Oscar, Milo, Bea, Rosie and Angela, He is voiced by Owen Wilson.


Chauncey was seen at suburbia, practicing his didgeridoo lesson for the music tournament until he heard a knock on the door, he asks his twin brother to open the door for his sister. He was then seen practicing on his didgeridoo again when Claudio was introducing him and the rest of his family. Chauncey put on a comedy movie about owls which made Oscar and Opal glad and sleepy, after Claudio turned of the TV, he puts Opal to her bedroom and Chauncey takes Oscar back to his tank and tucks him in, he wished him good night and heads back to his suburbia home.


  • Chauncey and Claudio worked at they're family restaurant called PeterBurger.
  • He and Claudio are 18