Clowny the Clown Fish Hooks OC

Clowny googles his eyes around

Clowny the Clown is a Fish Hooks fan character.


He is a orange and white striped clownfish with a blue shirt, a red clown nose, and a rainbow afro. His eyes appear to be a bit googly.

Personality and Personal LifeEdit

Clowny the Clown is silly, tells jokes, and pranks fish. He is much a hated fish, though some find him amusing. Hence his name and appearance, he is a clown. He first appeared in "Something Smells Fishy". When Bea and Oscar try to find something to clean Milo in Freshwater High, they come across Clowny, who bothers them with jokes. They try to ignore him, but he gives a riddle to cross. As Bea has been bothered by him before, she knows the answer and they get across. His last line in the episode is "I'm a fail clown".