Esmarty is a male slug who lives in the tank with the fish. He is one of Bob Clownfishberg's friends. He is voiced John DiMaggio who shares with Kabob.


Esmarty is one of Bob's friends. He is generally laid-back, slimy, kind and always sick. He usually has a running nose. Like most of the boys he likes Stella Jackson but does not really talk about it. Also he is a secret rock stars slayer.

Background InformationEdit

  • His name is a play off of the words "Escargot" (French cooked snails) and the name "Marty".
  • He leaves green slime whenever he walks.
  • His name is briefly seen in the yearbook.
  • He seems to be the only boy to not have manly breast.
  • Vanilla gives him pep.


Esmarty sounds like Jake from Adventure Time, because they both voiced by John DiMaggio.