Finnlay is the often-injured little redhead fish with a afro and braces who attends Freshwater High. He is one of Bob's friends. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Finnlay's personality is crazy, kind, hyper, and sweet. He has a notable crush on Maya, and like all boys he has an extremely huge crush on Stella Jackson. He is super sensitive when it comes to relationships and is very dramatic when something tragic happens. One running gag in the series involves Finnlay getting injured badly, which is done humorously (he often loses a tooth in the process). Another running gag is whenever something sad happens, Finnlay starts getting emotional and dramatically rants on the situation, only to get interrupted by another character.

Background InformationEdit

  • The name "Finnlay" is a pun of the name "Finlay", and fin.
  • Finnlay is later seen in the episode getting injured often, and losing a tooth whenever it happens.
  • He has braces like Olivia.


Finnlay is voiced by Tom Kenny, also voices Sparky the Talking Hound and Yellow Penguin from Milo in the Circus.