Fish Hooks Fighter Mighter is a Fish Hooks game for the Wii based on "Dances with Wolf Fish".


First are cutscenes of how Bea rings the doorbell and Oscar and Milo are fighting.

Level 1: Pack of Tanks - Lead Milo to his new home with Wolves.
Level 2: The Perfect Roomie - Help Oscar find the perfect roomie for him.
Level 3: Perfect Room-Song - Do "The Perfect Roomie" song correctly.
Level 4: Colder than Expected - Help out Milo by getting his warmth back.
Level 5: Buzzy-Buzz - Help Oscar by stopping Stickler's trick.
Level 6: Eaten or not eaten? - Help Milo by stopping the wolf fish from eating him
Level 7: Vacuum of Doom - Stop Principal Stickler from vacuuming Oscar.
Level 8: Brake up to make up - Get Oscar and Milo to make up.
Level 9: Girly Vacuum of Doom - Stop Principal Stickler from vacuuming Bea.

Explore the Pet StoreEdit

"Explore the Pet Store" is a mode of the game where you can go around the pet store and have fun.

International ReleasesEdit

Country Language Name Release Date
United States English Fish Hooks Fighter Mighter November 5, 2011
Mexico Spanish Pecezuelos Danza con Peces Lobo December 9, 2011
Spain Spanish Pecezuelos Luchador Podríor January 1, 2012
Brazil Portuguese Adolepeixes Lutador Podedor January 8, 2012
Portugal Portuguese Os Fixóis Lutador Podedor February 19, 2012
Netherlands Dutch Fish Hooks Fighter Mighter January 2, 2012
Czech Republic Czech Ta vlky z Rybičky November 4, 2011
Poland Polish Wilki z Akwalans: Tańczący z wilkami morskimi April 5, 2012