Mr. Baldwin: Next week, it's prom! Get a date and bye!

Bea: So Shellsea, who you going with?

Shellsea: (squealing) STEVE JACKSON!!

(both girls squeal)

Shellsea: You?

Bea: I really want to go with Oscar but I don't think a guy like him, would like a girl like me.

(meanwhile at Oscar's house)

(Milo video chatting with Pamela Hamster.)

Milo: Hey, Pammy Cake!

Pamela: Look Milo, we need to talk. I've got prom going on and the most handsome guy asked me out! Sterling!!!!

(Milo shuts his computer with tears in his eyes.)

Oscar: Hey Bro, Why are you crying?

Milo: Pamela Hamster just broke up with me!

Oscar: Oh gosh, now who are you going to prom with?

Milo: I don't know.

(door knocks, Oscar opens it, it's Finberley)

Finberly: Hey guy! (pauses and looks at Milo) Why are you crying?

Milo: My girlfriend, Pamela, broke up with me.

Finberley: Oh that's a shame. Now who are you going with?

Milo: I don't know.

Finberley: (sadly) Oh, that's a shame. (walks away.)

Oscar: Well I want to go with Bea, but I freak out when I try.

Milo: Just ask her. And what about me?

Oscar: You never know bro, your true love might be right in front of you.

Milo: You're a good matchmaker, you help me.

Oscar: Seriously bro, can't you see Finberley was just hitting on you. She has feelings for you, unlike Pamela Hamster.

Milo: You're right, I've got to talk to Finberley. Serious talk.

Oscar: Kay, good luck.

(Milo leaves and Oscar goes to Bea's house with a couple of roses.)

Oscar: (sweating) Hi, Bea.

Bea: Hey Oscar, you know I like you a little bit more than Milo.

Oscar: (sweating even more) Well speaking of that, I want to be more than friends, so will you go prom with me? (holding up the roses)

Bea: I thought you'd never ask (kissing Oscar)

(meanwhile Finberley goes to a bench and starts crying)

Milo: (running) Finberley, look I know you were hitting on me and the truth is-

Finberly: You hate me. (crying even more)

Milo: No, the truth is I love you. not like a friend or sister but like a girlfriend. So would you go prom with me?

Finberly: Oh, <ilo! (hugs him)

(everyone at prom, Oscar and Bea, Milo and Finberley, Shellsea and Steve and the rest of the gang...)