Fish Titans are Bea's Clique that is a group of Heros.


FameTeenagerWoman: Bea 2011- present Leader, 2012 Member

Bea as a Fish Titan

Makeup Girl: Shellsea 2011-present

PearlCaptin: Clamantha 2013-present

Slime Beauty: Esmargot 2013-present

ClumsyInc: Finberley Former Leader, 2013-present

MuteWoman: Koi 2012- present

Other MembersEdit

Oscar: FBI

Milo: FBI

Piranhica: Creator, 2010-present


Finberley as a Fish Titan

Special PowersEdit

Bea: Throwing UnFame Glasses. Hand and Eye Lazers, 

Shellsea: Throwing Makeup, Wearing to Much Makeup

Clamantha: Spitting Pearls,Hitting Faces

Esmargot: Slime Web, Slime Balls, Snail Slug Rollover, The Big Snezze

Finberley: Body Slam, Kick, Punch, Karate Chop,Smack, Slap,Body Spin.

Koi: Muttering too Loud, Ninja Yell.



Shellsea as a Fish Titan

  • This is an Allusion of Teen Titans
  • Bea's Clothes is Similar to Raven's
  • Even Milo and Oscar arent Titans's, their also reporters of Crime.
  • Finberley has the Most Powers out of all the Titans.