Bea and her girl Clique are still super heros because crime is in the present.


Shellsea's SleepoverEdit

The Girl are Pillow fighting

Oscar as a Girl: WOO THIS IS FUN

Shellsea and Bea: Milo, Oscar, what is it now?

Milo as a Girl: F Piranhica wants you to be super heros again because the future is dangerous

Everygirl, expect Shellsea: Fish Titans?

Milo and Oscar: YES, TOTTALY!

Finberley: TITANS! What the heck, I'm hungry!

Bea: Finberley thats not very important.

Bea: Fish Titans teleport!

Finberley: Teletoon! I Love 6teen!

Bea: Finberley Stop being immature! Were not all sixteen.


Oscar: There you are girls, so jocktopus is planning to steal princess Angela!