When 6feet of snow comes to freshwater, everyone is disappointed, especially Milo, who runs away from Oscar and Bea and find him.

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The episode starts with Bea going to Oscar's tank and knocks on his door with winter clothes on. Oscar was In his bed watching tv, until Bea got inside his room and ask what he was doing and Bea told him that all the heaters broke and and it's snowing, and Oscar suddenly put on his winter clothes and went back to bed, and Bea was invited to his Bed, The power went off, and Bea suddenly slept in Oscar's Arms and Oscar woke Bea up. Milo had a party with his and Oscar's underwear. Oscar made every underwear leave, and Bea, Oscar and Milo talked about the weather, And Bea Accidently said that she and Oscar almost had Sex in bed. Oscar was blushing and Oscar said to put on fish winter clothes, but he Disobeyed Oscar and Bea and ran away. Oscar and Bea planned an Adventure, and chased Milo, he said he doesn't play games and Chases him and catches him. Suddenly, Milo runs away and hides in a tree, but is stuck, Oscar says don't look down, but Bea looked at him like he was stupid. Oscar hugged Bea "For Warmth" and said he's sorry, and Milo falls down the tree. When Bea put Milo in a wagon, Milo cried and cried until Bea put Milo in Finberley's house to babysit him. Oscar and Bea continued their adventure and Bea found a Snow maker machine and a Yeti tackles Bea and An Ice Princess made even more snow and they were cold, Bea is badly hurt, and Oscar protects Bea from the princess and Yeti. Oscar uses his pretend sword to kill the yeti and the Yeti is killed and snow is melted, also the princess melts. Bea and Oscar pick up Milo and Go home and the episode ends.


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Snake goes in the fish tank is suddenly is cold and freezes until mouse melts her.


Oscar: OMG Milo are you ok, fall and don't look down!

Bea: Geez Oscar man up already, I am your girlfriend!

When Oscar says don't look down, Bea looks at him tired.

Oscar: Bea, I'm so sorry!!!

(Oscar hugs Bea)

Bea: Milo, just fall down already!

Oscar: Milo, what are you doing, the furnace and heater broke, go into your winter clothes!

Milo: But it's too far!

Oscar: OMG Milo, it's super cold, now go, and we are going on an adventure!

Bea: To see why Everything is Frozen!

Oscar: Come on Milo or we will force you!!!

Milo: No, I will just drink Milo the hot cocoa.

Bea: That's it Milo, You are coming with us if you like it or not!!!

(Milo runs away and Bea and Oscar Chase him)

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