Is It Me or the Goldfish? is an episode of Fish Hooks set to air in Season 2 sometime in 2012. This episode is when Oscar decides to end Milo and Oscar somehow gets Bea to find out the he loves her on her own.

Episode SummaryEdit

One day, Milo was trying to go on his brand new computer that Oscar brought for him today, in which it's Milo's birthday! But soon Milo accidentally bumped into Oscar's bed while on the computer and damaged it. Then Oscar kills Milo by kicking him out of the tank next to the ninja's (the ninja he met in Milo Gets a Ninja) bowl, and then the Ninja gets done fighting the bad ninja and then notices Milo. Before he puts Milo in the bowl, it cuts back to Oscar's tank. Bea asks Oscar if everything is alright, but about his bed, he responsed no. Bea tried cheering him up by hugging him. After Oscar noticed it, he got scared and blushed so hard. Bea said that she knows what's going on with him, that he loves her. She then kissed Oscar out of no sight. Then Oscar made him lose a life in his video game as he dropped the video game controller. He then kissed her back. Then they kept kissing each other so fast until their lips got tied up in a big mess. Then it shows the ninja still trying to get Milo in the bowl. He finally got him in after about a total of 49932 attempts. Milo was totally safe that he had is watersuit in his pocket. Milo and the ninja went around the pet store as the ninja tried to cheer him up. After they went in the fish tanks, they went to the fish tank store and brought a fish tank for Milo and the ninja. The fish tank store employees then used their human communicator to speak to Bud to build up a fish tank, and Bud did it in a total of two seconds. Bud then scooped Milo and the ninja into their new tank. After that, it showed a couple of dates that Oscar and Bea had, and then lived happily ever after Oscar and Bea together and Milo and the Ninja together.


Love Ya!

Good to see Ninjas

Background InformationEdit

  • Second Time the Ninja is seen.