A Human buys Milo and Oscar and Bea must grab their watersuits and save him.

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One day, at Bud's Pets, Bud was just sleepwalking out the door. Then it cuts to the Gecko tank. Milo, Oscar, and Bea were wearing their watersuits and talking to the Geckos once they got off the bus. Milo got bored, so he jumped out of the Gecko tank and went home. Oscar got alive-bored, so he went out of the Gecko tank onto the floor of the pet store and took off his watersuit. He then dehydrated because of no water. Bea asked the Geckos why they are in a pet store. Then it cuts to Milo at Freshwater High, and he was talking to Dr. Frog. He then heard a bell... a bell of a human coming in the pet store. The customer's hand then came into the tank Milo was in, and took Milo. Milo yelled for help, when Bea and Oscar heard him. Milo then started to dehydrate because of no water.

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