(This episode starts of with the school bus driving to the pet shop in Freshwater, parks it and the students got out even Mr. Baldwin)

Mr. Baldwin: Remember class, you can buy a dogfish or catfish or any pet and remember no scratching furniture, no chewing shoes, and no annoying squawking.

Bea: Girls, this is the first time we come to the pet store to pick a household pet, I going to get a dogfish, that is sweet, declawed and cuddle up with me and my bed.

Shellsea: Girl, I am going for a passionate dog, a poodle.

Finberley: I am going to need a cat too, because my father is allergic to dogfish.

Esmargot: Maybe a guinea pig would be nice.

Bea: Koi is going to get a dog, a big one.

(Milo and Oscar are at the dogfish room and the dogfish are barking)

Oscar: Hmm, I want a Dachshund (to the manager) I want a Dachshund please.

Manager: We have a brown one.

Oscar: Hey little guy, [Dachshund barks] I'm going to call him, Dexter (Dexter barks)

Milo: Ooh, A parrot!

(Bea is looking at dogfishes)

Bea: [to manager 2] Um do have any puppies? [Manager 2 points at a male German Shepard like fish puppy] Oh my gosh, you're so cute! I'll take it home! [gives Manager 2 money] I'm gonna call you Spud, you can come home with me.

[Dog Bone transition to Bea's tank]

Bea: Hey Family, look what I got. A puppy to play with, his name is Spud. [Spud barks and runs to her room] I got his food and water in case he's hungry or thirsty, sleeping basket in case when he's tired or ready for bed, puppy clothes to dress him up, toys to play with, orange leash when he's ready to go on a walk, because orange is his favorite color and his cherry blossom scented shampoo when it's bath time after he went outside to play.

Mr. Goldfishberg: absolutely not!

Bea: But Mom, Dad! I adopted Spud at the animal shelter on our field trip.

Mrs. Goldfishberg: Bea you know about dogs and puppies, they are a very big responsibility and Grandpa Goldfishberg is allergic to dogs.