Shelldon is a jewel fish and a basketball player at Freshwater High. He is best friends with Bob Clownfishberg. He loves fashion, taking "hip hop naps", and enjoys shopping, dancing and seeing who is less attractive than him in the yearbook. He is voiced by Lil Wayne.


Shelldon is very independent, focused and always speaks his mind, and can be mean. He also seems to dislike Olivia. He is a fashion king and when Bob is not hanging out with Maya and Olivia, he always makes time for his friends. Like Bob, Shelldon has interest in the art club. Shelldon enjoys dancing and listening to hot tunes. He also enjoys putting on manly deodorant or mints from his black wallet.





Background InformationEdit

  • His name is pun on "shell" and "Sheldon"
  • He is voiced by Lil Wayne, an American rapper
  • He talks in a slow, deep, city-boyish voice.
  • Unlike Piranhico, Shelldon is never seen without his wallet
  • His yearbook picture has him chewing gum.
  • He seems to be a fan of soccer and has "fish eyes".
  • Shelldon thinks elephantfish smell like farts.
  • He doesn't like card games.
  • His last name might be Jewelerson.