Living RoomEdit

The Living room has a coffee table with a pink rug and green walls, with a wine rack and a couch with flora designs.


The kitchen has a dining table, a sink with two taps, a rack with china cups and dishes, a refrigerator and freezers and a mini fridge for Joshua.

Shellsea's roomEdit

Shellsea's room is featured with a poster of Brandon Bubbler, a poster of makeup, a Purple and Pink Bed, a mirror, and a Tv with 1 Antenna.

Joshua's roomEdit

It features a gamer poster with a Fishbox 360 and Finstation 3, a brown bed, a window with 4 right angles, and messy.

Cinthia and Evelyn's RoomEdit

It features a pink bunk bed and a poster of Sorority Girls and Frat Boys, (Since they are in college), a tv with a purple cover and a sigh that says "I hate you, But I like smoking".

The Parents' RoomEdit

It features a flatscreen tv and a 2 person bed.


This patio features a table with 2 chairs, and a massive pool "Like 12-18 inches".