Milo gets over a horrible smell after rolling around in mud, and Bea and Oscar try to find something to clean Milo after their bathtub is clogged. Apparently, they come across many fish which stop them in their paths.

Episode SummaryEdit

As Bud tries to avoid looking at a monkey's smelly armpits, Milo sits in the wolf fish tank rolling around in mud. Oscar tells him that it is time to go, and they swim home. When Milo sits down, however, Oscar gets a horrible smell which turns out to be Milo. The doorbell rings, and Bea comes in with a happy face, which turns into a frown at the horrible smell.

Oscar tells Bea that they have to find something to clean Milo. Later, at Freshwater High, The three swim around, looking for something that can help. They see a fountain, and swim to it, suddenly being blocked by Clowny. Clowny says that they have to solve his riddle to get across. Bea says that she has been bothered by Clowny before, immediantly getting the riddle right. Clowny insults himself by saying he is a fail clown.

When Milo is about to dip his tail in, Mr. Baldwin stops them, saying that they cannot touch the water. They are given detention, and Mr. Baldwin clips his nose at Milo's horrible smell. Mr. Baldwin walks away, and the three get a chance to sneak out, apparently being seen by a spy camera, though Mr. Baldwin fell asleep watching.

Later, Bud has caused a flood in the pet shop from a sink, and when he turns the sink off, Bea, Oscar, and Milo appear under the water. Bea and Oscar are looking for something to clean Milo, and see the bathtub flooded too. They walk into Bud's bathroom, and climb up into the bathtub. Apparently, because Bud washed his hands in it, his germs are in it, making Milo more smellier. Oscar decides that they should give up, but Bea doesn't give up.

Bea takes Milo back in the fishtanks and finds out that a plumber already came and that the bathtub is already unclogged. Bea and Oscar learn their lesson, and the three hug, apparently getting Milo's smell over Oscar and Bea.

Running GagsEdit

Bud's Pets &...Edit

  • Cologne
  • Floods


  • The smell can be seen above Milo at the begging of the episode, and it disappears after the setting changes to Freshwater High.

Background InformationEdit


  • The wolf fish tank is seen again ("Dances with Wolf Fish").