Milo's Journal

It was one morning in a kitchen. This is when I met an orange, and he's totaly annoying, and he hangs out with this dopey pear and a bunch of other fruits, and if you wind up on the wrong side of the counter, you get KNIFED! A hand lifted me to that side.

"Hey! Hey apple!" Said the orange.

"Dude, totaly, i'm not an apple!" I said. I wore a water suit. They are helping me when I'm out of the tank.

I was SO mad Oscar and Bea were taken there.

"Oh my god!" said the pear. "Dozens of apples!"

"Hey! Hey apples!" said that orange.



We got knifed by the knife.

"YOU STUPID ORANGE!" we all said.

He laughed. nya nya nya nya nya!