The Pink Fishgirl is a Pink Panther like series that replicates the original Pink Panther shorts, One of the Ant and Aardvark shorts and from the Pink Panther and Pals series.

Main CharactersEdit

The Pink Fishgirl - The main title character of the series and played by Bea Goldfishberg. She acts as the Pink Panther. (Goof: Her hair is colored red but instead of "The Red Fishgirl, it gives the name Pink Fishgirl)

The Little Fish - A short tempered fish played by Shellsea. She acts as The Little Man.

Cory the Dog - A pink chihuahua dog who gets trouble with The Little Fish.

Other CharactersEdit

Crowford the Crow - A crow who tries to eat Tony the Fish which always fails.

Tony the Fish - A betta fish played by Milo. The crow tries to eat him which makes every attempt fail.

List of episodesEdit

List of episode of The Pink Fishgirl and Fish and Crowford