Uncle Trevor is Bea's Uncle, Mr. Goldfishberg's brother, Mrs. Goldfishberg's brother in law, and husband of Aunt Hannah and the dad of May, Francine and Jacob. He is voiced by Jack Black and first appeared in The Goldfishberg Family Reunion


He looks just like his niece, except his tank top with a purple catfish on it the brown curly hair and the short jeans.


  • Like his wife, and his children he lives in Fish Idaho and stays in the tract house suburb.
  • He is fan of cats, lasagna and bowling.
  • It is revealed that he hates dogs and allergic to petunias.
  • He has cats on portraits, mugs, plates, bobbleheads, and a bowling ball with a cat's pawprint in the middle and his signature
  • He owns 2 catfishes. a cream Persian catfish named Agnes and a Siamese catfish named Atlas.